Beauty Management

  We all possess an astounding amount of energy to renew life naturally.


When we understand ourselves and the world as beautiful, we are. 

Let Dr. Marlies show you the way to experiencing your most joyful, radiant, inner and outer beauty.

Everyday life and environment can challenge the way we feel and look.
Eternale™ offers 8 personalized rejuvenating choices to help you release every day stress and circulate positive energy throughout your body and your world. Refresh your body’s Facescellular ability to revitalize and shape your inner and outer beauty.

  • Energy Restoration
  • Stress Reduction
  • Environmental Stressors
  • Weight Management
  • Body Scan and Reshape
  • Anti Aging
  • Hair and Skin
  • Face and Beauty


eternale1aEternale™ offers audio relaxation exercises to help shape your mental beliefs about positive self esteem, body image, stress relief, weight management, and more. You will radiate splendor from within.

Eternale™ can enhance the way you look and feel by using subtle non-invasive vibrational energy via sensors which are attached to your forehead, wrists and ankles. The device reads your unique energy levels and senses where your body needs to be harmonized.

The experience is reinforced with the sounds of carefully orchestrated compositions, utilizing the musical notes known as the lost Solfeggio Tones. The vibrational patterns of these tones are known to support the meditation and relaxation process.

 Also available is the Dermagetix™ line of products which are designed to work in dermagetixconjunction with the Eternale™ Device. They are carefully formulated to rejuvenate and replenish the natural beauty of the skin; seeming to erase the appearances of inflammation, blemishes and fine lines; while also protecting the skin from sun exposure, free radical damage, acne, puffiness and dark circles.  Each product is formulated with only the finest of natural ingredients.

Four steps to Simple Beauty:
1. Active Face Wash
2. Complete Eye Serum
3. Peptide-C Serum
4. Day Complex or Night Complex

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