About Dr. Marlies

Dr. MarliesReceiving Doctorate and PhD. at the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine  in
Honolulu, Hawaii

Dr. Csabay (Dr. Marlies to her clients and friends) pursued a career in alternative, integrative and complementary medicine because of her belief that the human body can heal itself when the proper environment is created and supported.

Using the modality of Quantum biofeedback in conjunction with homeopathic remedies, natural supplements, and energetic medicine, Dr. Marlies’s clients feel healthier and have an enhanced sense of well-being. They are now on the path to restoring the body back to its natural balance. They feel enlightened, grounded and have more energy!

Dr. Marlies explains, “The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey differs for each individual. As each client explores those different facets of their makeup we begin to uncover the blockages and barriers that prevent the body and mind from healing.  This is a journey of both wellness and self-discovery that we embark on together. You are not alone on this path, we are a team. My ultimate goal is to bring each client to their highest potential of health and well-being.”

Dr. Marlies brings a wealth of practical experience to her practice having worked in the wellness field for over 15 years. This is a journey that started more than 20 years ago when her son Jeff, suffered a traumatic head injury. Ongoing reading and research to help him achieve better brain function post injury was the goal.  This lead them to different nutritional regimes, different modalities, instruments, and eventually brought them to the Quantum Biofeedback System. While learning the scope of modalities available in just one machine, it became apparent that this made a difference for Jeff. From being given up for dead to owning his own successful business, Jeff is healed, healthy and living life fully. Dr. Marlies had seen what it did for her son and became committed to learning and practicing so that she could impact other lives in the same way.Green Zebra

Dr. Marlies holds a Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine. Her dissertation research onstress release explored the capabilities of using the biofeedback machine to lower stressors. She used the parameters of blood pressure and heart rate measurement at the beginning and end of each biofeedback session. During the 9 week study each subject exhibited some level of stress reduction.  This is supplemented by her interest and study of German New Medicine. It is  based on an understanding that what we do on a daily basis directly impacts our health today and in the future. These are called THE 5 BIOLOGICAL LAWS.

 She is a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences. Her private practice Harmony Health Systems is located in Southern Alberta but is mobile.   Although her primary focus is Stress Management, which she believes is the core of every facet of your health; her practice also includes weight management, relaxation therapy, pain management, toxin clearing, nutrition counseling, and improving all aspects of health and wellbeing.