Dr. Marlies Csabay

Marlies head Shot Dr. Marlies Csabay  PhD, DNM, CBS
Doctorate in Natural Medicine

•  Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP)
   (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)
•  Board Certified Biofeedback Specialist  (BAHNS)
   (Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences)


My Mission:
To assist you in achieving your personal health goals.


            • Alleviating Stress
            • Balancing Your Diet
            • Achieving Wellness
            • Balancing Hormones
            • Cleansing Toxins
            • Clearing Pathogens
            • Maintaining Wellness
            • And MUCH, MUCH More

Are you stressed? or Tired? maybe Cranky too? Are  your hormones no longer your friends?

Do you want to feel better and have improved quality of life?  Do you need clearer thinking and a greater level of energy?

Dr. Marlies will work with you to achieve optimal health and wellness. This will allow you to become resilient to life’s challenges and to attain your health and happiness goals.

Top Concerns for Men and Women over 40

      1. Stress
      2. Exhaustion
      3. Memory Loss
      4. Weight Gain
      5. Bone Density
      6. Libido

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